Wren Security Documentation Portal

Welcome to Wren Security Documentation Portal. Wren Security Suite consists of community-driven, open-source software for user authentication, user identity management, and single-sign-on. Here you will find reference documentation for the core projects.


Wren:AM is an "all-in-one" access management solution providing strong and adaptive authentication, authorization, single sign-on (SSO), entitlements, federation and web services security.


Wren:DS is an LDAPv3 compliant directory service, which has been developed for the Java platform, providing a high performance, highly available, and secure store for the identities managed by your organization. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes Wren:DS the simplest, fastest directory to deploy and manage.


Wren:IDM is a community‐developed identity management system with a flexible data model, multiple extension points and scripting support, including JavaScript and Groovy. It can connect to and manage a wide range of systems through the Identity Connector Framework (Wren:ICF).


Wren:IG is a community‐developed reverse proxy server providing single sign-on (SSO) to any application behind the proxy.